Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is no longer an optional service for businesses seeking to establish an online presence. To gain visitors, your site needs search visibility, and the only way to develop better visibility is to regularly create high-quality content.

At Relay Online Marketing, our approach is simple: we build a better website that sends a clear, consistent signal to search engines. There are no secret tricks, workarounds, or questionable methods.

Instead, we’ll help you make a site with high-quality content that’s easy to crawl. Your search engine positioning will improve, you’ll reach more people, and most importantly, you’ll provide them with the kind of site that they want to use. We also focus on educating our clients regarding proper SEO techniques, so that they’ll continue to benefit — regardless of whether they use our services on an ongoing basis.

Our process begins with a detailed content audit; we analyze site structure, search directives, and the quality of the existing content. We can then identify potential areas of improvement, provide actionable suggestions, and educate our clients on best practices.

It’s a better approach to SEO, and it leads to tangible long-term improvements in search positioning. Click here to get an SEO quote for your website or read on for more information regarding our search engine optimization philosophy.

The Problem with Most SEO Services

The quality of SEO services ranges considerably, and the industry has a less-than-stellar reputation. Many services attempt to game the system, essentially tricking Google, Bing, and Yahoo into ranking a page for a given query for a short period of time.

These techniques often work for several months, but eventually, the search engines catch on. Google updates its search algorithms every few days, with major changes several times per year. Disreputable websites are always the target of these changes, and the sites that took advantage of flaws in the algorithm will inevitably suffer when those flaws disappear.

So, how can you tell if you need a new approach? If your current SEO agency focuses solely on keywords, there’s a good chance that you’re not doing everything possible to build your search visibility. Keyword positioning is certainly useful for tracking the progress of an SEO campaign, but it’s becoming less important as search engine algorithms grow smarter and more semantically focused.

Many SEO firms also make simple mistakes regarding title tags, meta descriptions, and directives, which can greatly limit results. Even worse, some firms promote shady link-building campaigns, which can result in devastating penalties from Google and the other search providers.

A Better Approach to SEO for St. Louis Websites

Our process is different. By working with the common-sense webmaster guidelines distributed by Google and other search providers, we create sites that send a clear message to visitors and search engines.

We focus on making your website a true resource for its visitors. By publishing high-quality content — with appropriate technical SEO — you can quickly climb toward a better overall position. Rather than obsessing over keywords alone, you’ll provide compelling information for your site’s visitors, resulting in higher conversion rates and a better customer experience.

We also work with established web design and e-commerce partners, providing our clients with access to every service they need for a better site. Whether you’re setting up a new site for a small retail shop or trying to improve rankings for a Fortune 500 company, Relay Online Marketing provides results.

It’s time to build a better website. Click below to get a quote or call 618-531-9073 to get started.